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Lot 206 – Kiss And Ride x Vercingetorix

Boland Stud - Lot 206

Prepare to be captivated by the epitome of equine excellence as Boland Stud proudly presents a treasure among treasures: a blue-blooded Vercingetorix filly destined to ascend the echelons of racing royalty. Brace yourself for an unparalleled opportunity to acquire not merely a racehorse, but a veritable jewel of the turf. Crafted from the finest genetic tapestry, this filly emerges as the scion of South Africa’s most illustrious lineage, heralding from the hallowed halls of Boland Stud. Descended from the legendary Silvano and bearing the indomitable spirit of Vercingetorix, she embodies the pinnacle of breeding prowess, promising a legacy steeped in glory and triumph. As the progeny of the incomparable Vercingetorix, whose very name resonates with the thunderous applause of champions, our filly stands poised to etch her name alongside the luminaries of the turf. Behold the legacy of a sire whose brilliance knows no bounds, whose offspring reign supreme on the world stage.

The accolades bestowed upon Vercingetorix’s progeny serve as a testament to his unrivalled pedigree and peerless progeny. From the sun-kissed fields of South Africa to the grandeur of international arenas, his offspring have conquered every challenge with unwavering resolve, igniting the hearts of racing aficionados worldwide. Witness the triumph of Roman Agent as he gallops to victory in the World Sports Betting Summer Juvenile Stakes, or the graceful elegance of Little Ballerina as she claims the Cape Racing Sales Cape Slipper with effortless grace. With each stride, with each triumph, the legacy of Vercingetorix grows ever more luminous, casting a radiant glow upon all who bear his bloodline. But our filly’s lineage extends beyond mere pedigree; it embodies a tapestry woven with the threads of greatness and adorned with the jewels of racing history. From the noble Jallad mare, Kiss And Ride, to the illustrious lineage of champions that precede her, she inherits a legacy steeped in glory and destined for greatness.


Gr.1 Winner – Kilindini

With each beat of her majestic heart, she carries the hopes and dreams of generations past, a beacon of promise amidst the tumult of the turf. From the sun-drenched fields of Boland Stud to the grandeur of the auction ring, she commands attention and admiration, a testament to the enduring legacy of excellence. In her veins courses the blood of champions, the echoes of triumph, and the promise of a future yet unwritten. Dare to dream, for in the purchase of this filly lies the promise of immortality, the chance to etch your name alongside the titans of the turf. Join us, as we embark upon this extraordinary journey, where dreams become reality and champions are born. Together, let us forge a legacy that will stand the test of time, a testament to the enduring spirit of the noblest of creatures: the racehorse.

From the regal lineage of Silvano to the storied heritage of Jet Master and Kiss And Peace, Lot 206 embodies the essence of blue-blooded excellence. With a pedigree rich in champions and steeped in tradition, she represents an investment in greatness that is sure to yield dividends on the racetrack and in the breeding shed.

Join us at Boland Stud to view our impressive draft of yearlings for the BloodStock South Africa National Yearling Sale 2024. From today until Tuesday, 9 April, we invite you to experience the majesty of Lot 206 firsthand. And if you are unable to attend the sale in person, rest assured that online bidding registration is available to ensure that no opportunity is missed.

The world of thoroughbred racing awaits, and with Lot 206 in your corner, victory is assured.

Gr.1 Cape Guineas (RSA) – Kilindini

G1 Pedigree - Vercingetorix x Kiss And Ride
Pedigree - Kiss And Ride

Mrs. Geriatrix (Vercingetorix)

Cousin Casey (Vercingetorix) – Gr.1 Premiers Champion Stakes

CHANSONETTE (by Vercingetorix) – World Sports Betting Cape Fillies Guineas

Pomp And Power (Vercingetorix) – 2022 Jonsson Workwear Cape Derby (Gr1)

Ambiorix (Vercingetorix) – 2021 Gold Medallion (Gr. 1)

Vercingetorix – Daily News 2000 (Gr.1)

Vercingetorix – Meydan (Dubai-UAE) 8. Race Jebel Hatta – Group I 1.800 m

Pedigree - Vercingetorix

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